Horntye Archery Winter Challenge

This year the competition will run from 1 September 2021 until 31 December 2021 and consist of one of (either):

Best Portsmouth single round, shot as per competition rules for experienced archers and handicapped according to the archers' official handicap. Shot on a 60cm face total of 5 dozen arrows.


For new archers of fewer than 6 months experience: 2 and a half dozen arrows shot at a 122cm face and scored metrically (that is X,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,M from the center of the target). Only X's and 10's count as ‘Golds’. Please ask for guidance on scoring if needed. Score sheets are available from Vanessa.

This will be handicapped so that archers of every ability have an equal chance of winning so anyone could be a winner.

In both cases your scores should be confirmed by a fellow archer (buddy up) and signed by both as correct at the end. A photograph of the completed sheet with up to 5 scores (minimum of 3 required) can be sent to Emlyn Jones. Please speak to him at Horntye to get the mobile number.

Portsmouth rounds qualify for achievement badges, indoor handicaps and classifications.

If you have any queries on the challenge please speak to Vanessa, Emlyn or Barrie and they will be more than happy to assist.

The ladders will be updated monthly showing each archers score.

As you improve and beat others you will progress up the ladder. Ladder links are further down the page.

Below is a sample scoring sheet showing the scores for each arrow and totals for your guidance.


Portsmouth Round Ladder

Click here to view the highest Portsmounth round scores submitted.


Worcester Round Ladder

Click here to view the highest Worcester round scores submitted.